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We’re Joewell, Shears and Scissors Manufacturer

Our company, Joewell, has been producing some of the world’s finest professional hairdressing scissors since 1917, crafted in Japan with high-quality steel and renowned for their durability, sharp blades, lightweight design, and exceptional performance, catering to the needs of hairstylists and barbers across over 30 countries.

Our Products

Forged from the finest Japanese steel and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our diverse range of Joewell professional haircutting tools includes:

Joewell Shears Set

Our premium Joewell shears set offers a complete collection of expertly crafted scissors to meet all your haircutting and styling needs.

Joewell Thinning Shears

The Joewell thinning shears feature expertly honed razor-sharp teeth to precisely thin and texture hair with professional control and finesse.

Joewell Left Handed Shears

Designed specifically for left-handed stylists, our Joewell left handed shears provide an ergonomic and comfortable cutting experience.

Joewell Swivel Shears

The innovative swivel mechanism on our Joewell swivel shears allows for effortless rotation and versatile cutting angles.

Joewell Hair Cutting Shears

Crafted with premium Japanese steel, the Joewell hair cutting shears deliver precise, clean cuts for flawless haircuts.

Joewell Rose Gold Scissors

Our stylish Joewell rose gold scissors combine high-performance blades with a luxurious, on-trend rose gold finish.

Joewell Bestsellers

Joewell FX Pro 6.0 Scissors

Joewell FX Pro 6.0 Scissors

The Joewell FX Pro 6.0 Scissors boast extremely sharp, extra-durable blades with a lightweight, smooth action and an ergonomic 3D offset handle designed for natural movement, precision cutting, and reduced hand fatigue over extended use.

Joewell Classic Pro Scissors

Joewell Classic Pro Scissors

The Joewell Classic Pro Hair Scissors deliver precision cutting with extremely sharp, long-lasting stainless steel blades featuring a satin finish, lightweight smooth action, convex edges for clean slicing, and pointed tips for intricate detailing work.

Joewell Classic Hair Scissors

Joewell Classic Hair Scissors

Crafted from supreme stainless steel alloy, the Joewell Classic Hair Scissors feature extremely sharp convex blades with a satin finish for smooth, precise cutting, complemented by lightweight handles, pointed tips for detailing, and durable construction ensuring long life.

Ultimate Sharpness

Why Customers Choose Us

Our exceptional line of Joewell professional haircutting tools continues to be the top choice among stylists and barbers worldwide for the following reasons:

Unparalleled Quality

Each Joewell scissor is meticulously crafted from premium Japanese steel, ensuring razor-sharp edges, long-lasting durability, and outstanding performance for years to come.

Ergonomic Design

Our scissors feature ergonomically contoured handles and offset blades, reducing hand strain and allowing for fluid, natural cutting motions that minimize fatigue during extended use.

Precision Craftsmanship

Through a combination of advanced technology and skilled artisanship, every Joewell scissor undergoes rigorous quality control, guaranteeing precise alignment, smooth action, and unrivaled cutting capability.

Joewell Company Values

At Joewell, we are guided by a set of core principles that drive our pursuit of excellence and commitment to our customers:

Our Customers' Pictures

Joewell JKX 650 Scissors

Joewell Classic Pro Offset

Joewell Classic Pro Offset

Joewell Briskee Shears

Joewell Hairdressing Scissors

Joewell Company Insights

With over a century of experience and a presence in over 30 countries, Joewell offers valuable insights into the evolving needs of professional hairstylists and barbers around the globe.

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Joewell Scissors Reviews

Joewell scissors have earned a stellar reputation among professional hairstylists and barbers worldwide. Read these in-depth reviews from satisfied customers who have experienced the quality and performance of Joewell tools firsthand:

After years of struggling with subpar scissors that dulled quickly and caused hand fatigue, I finally invested in a pair of Joewell Classic Pro Hair Scissors—and it was a game-changer. From the moment I took them out of the box, I could feel the difference. The stainless steel blades were incredibly sharp, allowing me to glide through even the thickest, coarsest hair with ease. But what really impressed me was the ergonomic design. The offset handles with a satin finish felt perfectly balanced in my hand, minimizing strain on my wrists and fingers. And the convex blade shape made for smoother, more efficient cutting compared to my old scissors. I no longer have to apply as much force, which has significantly reduced the aches and pains I used to experience after long days at the salon. Surprising me even further was how well these scissors have maintained their edge over time. After months of constant use, the blades still cut like they're brand new. The superior Japanese steel construction is clearly built to last. What's more, the sleek design and high-polish finish give the Joewell Classic Pros an undeniably professional look that lends an air of sophistication to my work. In my decade as a stylist, these are by far the best scissors I've ever owned. The initial investment was worth every penny for the enhanced cutting performance, day-to-day comfort, and longevity they provide. I'm a Joewell customer for life!
Jessica Thompson
Master Stylist
As an old-school barber, I'll admit I was skeptical about trying new scissor styles at first. I had been using the same basic model for over 20 years and didn't think much could improve on the classic design. Boy, was I wrong! The minute I started using the Joewell FX Pro 6.0s, I could feel the difference. The first thing that struck me was how lightweight yet sturdy these scissors felt. The stainless steel alloy construction gave them an incredibly durable feel without the heft of my old scissors. And the unique 3D offset handles with dimpled no-slip grip took all the strain off my fingers, thumb, and wrist. Cutting felt smooth and effortless in a way I had never experienced before. But what really blew me away were the blades themselves. Razor-sharp doesn't even begin to describe them. I've never used scissors that could slice through hair so cleanly and precisely—even thick, coarse hair. There was no dragging, snagging, or pulling like I'd gotten used to. Just pure, crisp cutting every single time. I also really appreciated the modern aesthetic of the FX Pros. The all-black vintage look is seriously cool and fits perfectly with the vibe of my traditional barbershop. My customers have definitely noticed and loved the unique style. After decades of making do with inferior tools, these Joewells have been a revelation in both performance and comfort. I only wish I had made the upgrade sooner! Every cut is faster, smoother, and looks sharper. I've got a lifetime of mileage left in my hands, and the FX Pros will absolutely be my go-to scissors for years to come.
Roberto Sanchez
Master Barber
Working on high-profile clients for editorial shoots and runway shows, it's crucial that I have the most precise, high-performing tools at my disposal. Joewell scissors have been my secret weapon behind the scenes for years now, helping me create seamless, polished looks for the biggest names in entertainment and fashion. My very first experience with the brand was using the Joewell Rose Gold Scissors, and I was stunned by the quality. These aren't just beautiful accent pieces, but extremely capable professional scissors. The ultra-sharp blades made of Joewell's signature Japanese steel cut through all hair types and textures like butter—even the thick, coarse, or color-treated hair that gives other scissors trouble. Despite their delicate rose gold finish, the scissors themselves felt remarkably robust. The stainless steel construction and lightweight, well-balanced design made them comfortable to use for hours on end without hand strain. And after years of heavy use, the blades have remained just as sharp and true as the day I got them. Since then, I've expanded my collection to include the Joewell Swivel Shears, which took my cutting and styling capabilities to new levels. The innovative swivel mechanism allows me to quickly and smoothly reposition the blades for making clean, precise cuts at any angle with zero interruption to my workflow. They've become invaluable for executing detailed lineups, from sculpting sharp men's designs to creating avant-garde editorial shapes. For me, Joewell scissors are more than just tools—they're vital creative partners in my craft. With their exceptional sharpness, edge retention, and versatility, they give me absolute confidence in my ability to manifest my artistic visions exactly as I imagine them. Simply put, Joewell makes me better at what I do.
Alicia Nguyen
Celebrity Stylist

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